About Me


I just wanted to introduce myself real quick – My name is Hannah, and I am a lover of Jesus + transformations! I am a wife to Tony, and a Momma to gorgeous little Roman. I am a creative living in the great city of Columbus, Ohio! I am very blessed to wear several hats; first I am a full-time mom! Roman is my pride and joy and I'm so thankful to be able to work from home so I get to spend lots of quality time with our sweet boy as he grows and learns! Secondly, I work alongside my husband helping him run our local gyms. He's the brains, and I just help a little when it's needed. Lastly, I'm a photographer and designer! From a young age of 12, photography became my first love; I took a 4-H project where I snapped a picture of my sister "on safari" that won me second place at our local fair, and from that moment on, I was hooked! I dabbled in photography all throughout high school, pursued it in college, and then began a career as a photographer upon graduating. I ran a successful photography business for about two years and continued to pick up clients steadily until I had to put my business on the back-burner for a few years because my personal life needed a lot of love and attention.

Over the course of the last three years, my personal life has gone through many stages that caused me to evaluate what is most important to me. After going through a huge season of personal growth and change, I witnessed God restore and renew my almost ruined marriage! With that being said, my passions have changed drastically. I am now consumed with the human spirit + cultivating character! God has ignited a true passion for transformation, second chances, and identity deep within my heart. More specifically though, I am passionate about restoration within relationships! Tony + I have experienced a few unexpected circumstances in our young marriage that have made us stronger, more centered, and provided the opportunity to grow, change, and now also become a resource to others experiencing the same! So, i guess you could say that marriage, family, and helping people find their identity are my top priorities and interests. 

As a photographer, I truly love Wedding photography. It holds a very special place in my heart, as I now see through a lens thats lived a little life. I find myself viewing the weddings I get the honor of photographing with a sense of awe and excitement; but also with an air of reverence and sacredness. I often find myself behind the camera crying and speaking prayers of blessing and protection over my couples because a wedding day is such a significant and sacred moment in time! It is my goal to photograph the emotion of the day with clarity and beauty, to capture memories that you may have missed in the moment, and to make sure you know just how special you two are as a couple. It is my goal to leave my couples feeling blessed and to know how unique and beautiful they are together!

So that, in a quick nutshell, is who I am.

xoxo Han

My big and little pride and joy!

My big and little pride and joy!